Friday, April 24, 2009

Assessment Results

We found out that we meet the qualifications to be church planters. The assessment process is over and now we will move on to church planter 'boot camp' within the next couple of months. Boot camp is usually a three day affair which teaches you about how to plant a church. They take you through the process of planning, building a team, developing leaders, advertising, etc. for a church plant. After boot camp we are supposed to get linked up with an active planter to be mentored by them.

This makes it pretty certain that we will be planting north of Albany. There are other steps that need to be taken by the Eastern NY District Board and other committees, but from our side of the deal we are ready to be planters. We look forward to gathering a team of co-workers, developing a strategy, establishing relationship and Bible studies, and praying for God's timing in beginning this work.

Please pray that God's will is understood as these boards and committees meet to figure out if this is the right step for the ENYNE district now. Our prayer is that a church plant could be like a breath of fresh air and a picture of new life and hope. We would want to be 'sent' by district churches that would be willing to pray, plan and partner with us. Hopefully we would be given the opportunity to share our vision and mission with several different district groups and churches. Churches need to plant churches. Hopefully we can be the first of dozens of churches the ENYNE plants in this new millenium.
"Believers have gotten out of the believer multiplication business, so churches have stepped in to multiply believers. This has resulted in churches getting out of the church multiplication business, so districts have attempted to multiply churches. Believers need to multiply believers and churches need to multiply churches."
Tom Clegg in Five Things Anyone Can Do to Help Start a Church
by Phil Stevenson (Wesleyan Publishing House).

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